Monday, April 14, 2014

Crappy Night Wolverine

I was out and about for a little bit tonight.  So I checked the schedule and saw that the Wolverine was running a little late. 
 So off to Depot Town I headed.  I guess there is always my lead in of the Freighthouse.
 And the train as it starts to roar by.
 Yesterday was in the 70's temperature wise.  Tonight it was in the 40's and I think we are supposed to get some snow.  Hopefully it doesn't stick.
 And the train passes by.
 Note the number on this engine.  It will come up in a little bit.
 And the Wolverine heads off to points beyond.
I decided to get myself an N-scale train set.  The engines I picked up have some sort of meaning to me.  I got an Amtrak engine because I like to ride the train.  Notice something similar between the number on my virtual Amtrak and the one I took the picture of above.  They are the same.  I will take other pictures of my setup at some point.  I don't have much of a set up yet.

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Rachael said...

I like the Amtrak train you picked up, me and my husband have a railroad collection although it's not set up at the moment due to lack of space. We're hoping to get an H0 scale Amtrak engine and some carriages to add to the collection at some point.