Monday, April 21, 2014

The Adam Cornelius

So I'm back home from my brief stay in William Penn's woods.  After the grind at work today, I had to lay back and play with my trains for a bit.  Now I can get down to the business of posting pictures from my trip.  Normally I would try to do them all at once but I think I'm just going to post them as I move along.
 First up was a brief stop in Toledo to try an catch a glimpse of the Laid-up Adam Cornelius.  Unfortunately, Toledo is not very boatwatcher friendly in places, so this was the best view of her I could get.  She is still in long term layup but the shorter shipping season may bring her back out.
I suppose I could have gotten a better picture, had I wanted to cross the tracks.  Instead, I'll post a picture of the Union Pacific logo.

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