Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Belle Isle Aquarium

It has been over a year since I've been to the Belle Isle Aquarium.  In that time, I've found out that they have been opened on Saturdays but I haven't had the opportunity to go there.  Yesterday, I decided to take that opportunity.
 The building itself was designed by Albert Kahn.  And it is a pretty nice looking building.
 A shot of the entrance.
 A sign proclaiming it to be the oldest in the country. 
 I think this is a gar pike but I am not sure.  One of the things I noticed was that they had more fish in the aquariums.  Slowly they are working their way back to what they were.  I suspect that they found some aquariums not in the best of shop.
 A pair of red eared sliders.  It would be nice if they had turtles that were native to Michigan.
 A moray eel.
 The interior of the building is pretty nice.  Albert Kahn designed it this way to give the illusion of being under water.
 Looking back towards the front of the Aquarium.
 They've used some of the tanks for other displays.  I'm hoping that they get fish in these some day.
 One of the things I remembered from before the aquarium was closed was the electric eels.  They finally got a pair of them.
 Looking back from the front.  I will have to go back when I can spend a little more time there. 
Another shot of the front of the building.  It is pretty cool that they are in the process of restoring the Aquarium.  I'm not sure if it will ever get back to its original glory but I would be happy if it got closer.

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