Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Misty Morning with the Alpena

So I decided to head down to Belle Isle to catch the Alpena.  I knew it was going to be pretty tight catching her though.
 However I did manage to catch her.  I kind of like the view where I get her on Lake St. Clair.  Not sure if you can tell from this picture but it was a little misty.
 With the conversion of the St. Marys Challenger into a tug/barge, the Alpena is now the oldest self powered freighter on the lakes.
 Given that she serves a pretty valuable role, I don't think she's going to be converted to a tug/barge any time soon.
 Well at least I hope not.  She's too pretty of a ship to suffer that fate.
 Besides, based on her appearance, I think she has quite a few years in her.
 It's amazing to think that she is a 70 plus year old boat.
 But she still soldiers on.
 A profile shot.
 Slowly she heads towards the Detroit Cement place.
One more shot....

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Rod Burdick said...

Profile shot is nice