Monday, April 21, 2014

An Eagle on Ohio Highway 2

From Toledo, I ended up taking Ohio Highway 2 because I wanted to stop at the Marblehead Lighthouse on the way over to Altoona, Pennsylvania.  As I was driving along I noticed something along the side of the road.
 Since it was an eagle I had to stop despite someone's protest of "don't you have enough eagle pictures".  To that I replied, "You can never have enough".  I am still amazed at the comeback of the eagle.  I know I've said it a few times that there was a time where I thought I would never see an eagle in person.  Now I'm starting to see them in places where I wouldn't expect to see them.
 I was kind of surprised that this guy stood still for as long as he did.  Normally if you get too close they fly away.
 He's a pretty majestic eagle though.
As I was heading away, I saw the nest and I saw his mate inside.  So I think this guy was playing guard to the other eagle.

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