Monday, April 7, 2014

Wandering Around Ann Arbor

I decided to head over to Ann Arbor yesterday.  They were having a thing called Festifools (more on that in the next post).  Since I parked a little away from Main Street, I decided to take a few pictures in Ann Arbor.
 I think this is an AT&T building.  I'm not sure what they use it for now but I thought the architecture on it was pretty interesting.
 The Blue Nile Restaurant in Ann Arbor.  It is an Ethiopian restaurant and from what I remember it was pretty good.  I think there used to be one in Detroit as well but that closed down a long time ago.
 A shot from the front.  Once again, it looks like it is part of the standard Midwestern town template.
I kind of liked the reflections in the window of this building.  I need to try more shots like this.
 A shot from the back of the First National Building in Ann Arbor.  I'm pretty sure I've covered this building here before.
 Looking up at the building.  I kind of like how these old buildings look like they go up forever.
 I really liked this angle with the clock.
 Looking from the front.
 Some of the details on the building.
 One of the Ann Arbor Police cars.  The Ann Arbor Police Department was established in 1847.  The first Police Chief was H.K. Stanley, originally it was an elected position.   This particular car had a K9 officer.
 The Commander's Car.
 Looking down Liberty Street from an angle I don't normally get.
 I've never tried this restaurant...but the name annoys me because I always think of the song.
 Another reflective shot.
 This used to be a restaurant called the Pan Tree. 
 This is a restaurant called "Le Dog".  I've eaten here a couple of times in the past and it was pretty good but he has pretty odd hours.
 A street musician.
 Part of the window display for The Dawn Treader which is a pretty good used bookstore.  Although the book interested me more.
 I pulled back a little bit to get a shot of the full window display.
 Looking up at the Michigan sign.
 Looking at just the Michigan sign.
 The Michigan Ticket Window.
 And then a picture of the State Theater.
 The window display of a Sushi Restaurant.
 Hill Auditorium.
 Looking at the Grad Library.
And looking up at the Burton Memorial Tower.

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