Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Ground Battle

One of the more unique things at the Willow Run Air Show is the ground battle they do every year.  Normally it is some variant of a World War II battle.  It is also one of the larger World War II re-enactments in the country.  Although, I recently found out they do a D-Day re-enactment in in Conneaut, Ohio.  I think I'm going to have to check that out next year.
 The battle stared with a British unit out on patrol.
 They are shortly jumped by a Focke-Wulfe FW-190 airplane.
 Soon American Half-tracks are rushed into the battle as they are being strafed by the FW-190.
 The Americans are putting up a valiant effort.
 The FW-190 is a persistant little bugger though.
 The Americans try to fight back with 50 caliber machine guns.
 They even bring an anti-aircraft half track into the fray.
 Another half track.
 A forward air controller is probably radioing back to base and asking where our Air Cover is.
 Nope, still an FW-190.
 Soon the Americans find themselves pinned down....
 But they are putting up a valiant effort.
 Well as much of an effort as they can.
 Soon Allied Air Cover comes in the form of a Mustang but the FW-190 already did the bulk of its damage.
 Soon the FW-190 and Mustang are engaged in combat.
 The Germans still advance under the cover of their own airplane.
 I will admit, they had cooler looking weapons.
 It is all overseen by a German officer.
 The American defense is fierce but not enough.
 And apparently, the Germans won the day.
 And the two planes fly off.
 The half tracks were pretty cool....
...but they needed a tank.

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