Friday, September 4, 2015

Watching the Planes Go By

I decided to stop at the Ann Arbor Airport on the way home.  I saw a plane flying around and it looked like it was doing touch and goes.
 While the Ann Arbor Airport doesn't have alot of traffic, when there are a couple of planes doing touch and goes, it does seem busy.  Even if that means  I am going to get a bunch of pictures of the same plane.
 I don't think I've seen this Cessna before.
 Of course it looks like the others.
 It was a bit windy though.
 Another nice thing about the Ann Arbor Airport is that I can move around to get different angles.  Although, I don't normally like to stand in this spot.
 This plane almost sounded like it had a jet engine.  This may be an Epic LT Dynasty (or E1000...I'm not sure and I didn't catch the registration number).  If it's an LT, it is a kit built turboprop aircraft.  The first kit was built in 2004 and there have been 46 sold since.  It can fly at 391 miles per hour, which seems pretty fast for a private built plane.   If it is the E1000, that is the certified version that will be built in the Epic factory in Bend, Oregon.  It will have a price tag of around three million dollars.
 After the excitement of the turboprop, we were back to the Cessnas.
 I think this one was just coming in for a landing.
And then I waited for this one to take off.

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