Monday, September 21, 2015

The Nickel Plate Itself

This is a little out of order, but I wanted to put the Nickel Plate pictures together.
 Shortly after the Alco unit left, it wasn't too long before the Nickel Plate 765 appeared.  I will have to admit that it was pretty cool to hear both the sound of the engine and the whistle.
 It was pretty cool to see it with a full head of steam.
 I was able to get a decent spot where I could get pictures of it without any people in it.
 I just love the looks of this engine.
 A nice framing by the bridge.
 Amazing how big it looks.
 One of the conductors.
 The string of cars.
 This was one of the open air cars.  I guess you could get the feeling of the steam engine.
 It was pretty cool, they let us get off the train at a point where they did a couple of high speed run bys.
 They had everyone arranged so that everyone could get a decent picture.
 A clearing of the lines.
 The engine builds up a head of speed.
 With the chugging sound and the scream of the whistle, the train passes by.
 I'm not sure how fast it was going.
 But it looked pretty cool.
 the assist diesel.
 Another shot of the diesel.  I think this is an older unit.
 The car I was riding on.
 the engine backing up to give another pass.
 Another blow of steam.
 And another pass.
 Looking down the engine.
 The ride itself was about two hours.  I had one more chance to get some pictures.
 I'd like this one more without the person in front of it.
 Trying to get a shot without people.
And one more shot before moving on.

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