Saturday, September 19, 2015

One Picture From the Eastern Game Today

Normally I would post more pictures on the day of the game, however I am without cable until Monday.  I realize that I posted multiple pictures last night but I was using my phone as a mobile hotspot and there is only so much bandwidth I can use doing that.  I will post more pictures when my cable is hopefully restored on Monday.
Anyway, the story behind my cable.  I got a call from my mom stating that my cable was out.   So I gave Comcast a call to see if they could fix it.  Well they sent a signal to my box (or so they thought...something tells me they didn't receive the return ping then) and I thought I'd have cable when I got home.  When I got home, I saw an orange cable half assedly strung out across the front porch of my apartment building.   When I got in my apartment, I discovered I was still without cable.  So once again, I called Comcast to get my cable fixed and this time they realized they couldn't get the return ping from my box, so a service call was scheduled for Monday.

After that, I decided to trace the orange cable and discovered that it ran to a j-box.  There wasn't much I could do since it was dark.  So on Friday when I got home from work, I decided to trace the orange cable again.  It was think that I discovered the cable running to my apartment had been cut.  So I called Comcast again to see if they could improve upon the scheduled time since it was due to their incompetence that I was without cable.  No dice.

I will post more pictures from the game when my cable is restored......

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