Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Pilica Makes An Appearance

So I was at the Troy office yesterday and I decided to head over to Port Huron after work yesterday.  There were a couple of ships that I was hoping to catch but this wasn't one of them.  This was more or less a bonus ship.
 This is another ship that I've never seen before.  It is a saltie.  In fact, if it is a ship I've never seen before, it is likely to be a saltie.
 The ship in question is the Pilica which is a ship that is owned by the Polish Steamship Company out of Szczecin, Poland.  She is heading to Montreal from Duluth.
 I'm not quite sure what she is carrying, it is probably grain to be transferred from Montreal.
 She was built in 1999 and is 488 feet long.  She can carry a little over 17,000 tons of cargo.
And I think she is a fairly nice looking ship.

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