Monday, September 7, 2015

The English River in Action

I had one more reason for wanting to watch the air show from Wendy Park.  I was hoping to catch a ship as she was coming into the Cuyahoga River.  When I checked AIS on Saturday night, I didn't think that it would happened.
 I checked AIS again and I saw a ship to the east of Cleveland that appeared to be heading towards Cleveland.
 It turns out that ship was the English River.  I have caught her once before but that was while she was docked.
 It is always nicer to catch a ship in action though.You get better views of them.  Plus, you can sometimes get them with stuff in the background.
 Although the English River was having a tough time getting into the channel.  I was having a tougher time getting pictures of her without other boats in the way.
 Kind of like this picture with a jet ski person.
 The Coast Guard had to remind people about the lays of physics and tell them to get out of the way.  It's kind of sad when you think about it.
 The crew of the English River have a job to do.  They aren't just willy nilly going into a harbor because they feel like it.
 At any rate, She is a pretty cool looking ship.  In many ways, she reminds me of the Stephen B. Roman.
 But there are more dissimilarities than similarities though.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
 One of the crew members enjoying the view.
 Another shot of her pilothouse.
 And she makes her way to the railroad bridge.
 She would be heading to the spot where I caught her before.
One more shot before battling the traffic out.

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