Friday, September 18, 2015

The Federal Kumano and Something Cool

Next up is the Federal Kumano.
 Oddly enough, the Federal Kumano has not made an appearance on this blog before.
 She is following the Huron Belle, which has appeared on this blog before.
 The Huron Belle is the pilot boat that operates out of Port Huron.
 And based on what I saw a little later, she is in the process of transferring a pilot to the Federal Kumano.
 The Federal Kumano was built in 2001.  She is 624 feet long and can carry almost 33,000 tons of cargo.  She is one of several ocean going vessels that visit the Great Lakes.  I think she is heading up to either Duluth or Thunder Bay.
 The pilot boat gets close to the Kumano.
....a ladder comes down....
 ....and a new pilot comes up.   I will have to admit, it was pretty cool to watch this, especially when you consider that both vessels were moving.
The Federal Kumano about ready to head off.

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