Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Stunt Flyer

Next up was an Extra 330SC which was flown by Michael Goulian.
 He was a former Aerobatics Champion and Red Bull Flyer.  He's been flying for over 25 years.  I hate to think of how many hours he has racked in the air but he was pretty skilled.
 Sometimes I think the prop stunt flyers are cooler than jets.
 I don't think you can make a jet do a hammer head (well maybe once).
 Plus it is amazing to watch a propellor plane go through its paces.

 He roars towards the ground.
 This was kind of a neat thing to watch.
 does a pretty tight turn.
 A tail waggle.
 The end of another loop.
 He flies towards us.
Another loop.

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