Monday, September 21, 2015

The Alder Passes Toledo

As I was looking at the Schoonmaker, I looked down the river and I saw a Coast Guard Cutter.
 Originally I thought it was the Hollyhock but then I discovered that it was the Alder.
 I will have to say it is pretty unusual to see the Alder down here since she is normally homeported in Duluth, Minnesota.  Apparently she was down here for fire training.
 It was pretty cool to see her though, especially as she started to speed up to head down the river.
 If you look at her crane, it says "Regnator a Mare" which means Ruler of the Sea.  I'll have to admit that's pretty cool.
 A nice shot of the Toledo skyline in the background.
 A better shot as she gets a little closer.
 I barely caught her as she passed through the Bridge on her way out.
 She passes on her way.
As I write this post, she is in St. Ignace.

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