Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Back to DTW

I saw that there were a couple of ships that I was interested in catching on the St. Clair River, so I decided to head up that way.  I also saw that the planes were taking off to the north and I wanted a shot of the 747 going that way, so I decided to the stop at the airport.
 "Delta 275 heading cleared for takeoff on runway 4R."  You know there is something special coming when you hear the word "heavy" on the air traffic radio.  Generally that means you are going to see a big airplane.  I believe the 747 is currently the largest airplane that takes off out of Metro.  Delta Flight 275 is the daily non-stop flight to Japan.
 It certainly is a cool looking aircraft.
 This is a Gulfstream G650 which is one of the competitors to the Lear Jets.  The Gulfstream G650 is the largest jet that Gulfstream offers.  Depending on configuration, it can carry 11 to 18 passengers.  It is capable of almost flying at the speed of sound and is the fastest jet that Gulfstream offers.  It is powered by two Rolls Royce engines which give it a total thrust of 34,000 pounds.  It had its first flight in 2009. 
 Delta Flight 189 with nonstop service to Beijing.  This is another daily flight, I believe.  This particular aircraft is an Airbus A330.
And we end with a Southwest 737.

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