Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Hollyhock

It seems like it isn't often that I get to catch the Hollyhock in action and when I saw that she was heading up on AIS, I had to try to catch her.  I figured my best chance to catch her was St Clair, so I stopped there first.
 I think this is one of the launches of the Hollyhock.  Although on one of my facebook posts, I jokingly mentioned budget cuts.
 I like the vessels of our Coast Guard.
 Again, I was trying that angle.  This time, I had the dock leading towards the ship but I don't think the ship is big enough.  I do like this picture though.
 The Hollyhock serves as a buoy tender for the Coast Guard.  I think she also has the capability to break ice.  She wasn't really needed in that capacity much this winter though.  In January of 2014, she was breaking ice in front of the Mesabi Miner and hit an ice pocket.  This caused the Miner to crash into her.  Both ships had slight damage but no injuries.
 In her role as buoy tender, she is equipped with a GPS system that enables her to precisely place buoys.
And she heads off to Port Huron to spot she normally calls home.

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