Sunday, May 8, 2016

Catching Up With the Cuyahoga

As I was at Train Day, I was looking at the river traffic because I saw that there was quite a bit.  I was planning on going to either Fostoria or Deshler after Train Day but there was way too much on the river for me to pass up.
 First up was the Cuyahoga.  She is approaching one of the subjects of one of my subsequent posts.
 The Cuyahoga was one of the boats that attracted me because she is getting pretty long in the tooth and I have a feeling she may be feeling the axe at some point.  In fact, there were rumors that this year may be her last but I doubt it.
 Anyway, I like classic lakers and she's a classic laker.
 I think she was heading to Cleveland but I'm not sure.  However, as I check AIS, I see that she is leaving Cleveland.
Where she is headed next is anyone's guess.

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