Monday, May 9, 2016

Sunday Planewatching

I wanted to get some clearer pictures of the 747 and I decided that if it was a nice day yesterday, I would go planewatching.  It turned out to be a nice day, so I decided to head over to airport.
 The planes were taking off to the south, so I headed over to the cell phone lot.  It was just as well because that was with the sun, rather than against it.  The first plane I saw was this 757.  As I was taking this picture, it was heading towards Fort Lauderdale.  Currently, it is en route to Pensacola from Atlanta.
 I'm not sure where this plane was heading, but I'm pretty sure it is one of the Canadair Regional jets.
 As I was taking this picture, this Airbus 319 was heading to Charlotte, NC.
 I don't get to see too many Spirit planes.
 I think this is an Airbus A330.
 I can't make out the tail number for this aircraft, so I can't tell where it is going.  I do know that it is one of the DC-9 variants.
 This American Airlines plane was on it's way to New York.
 Again, I can't make out the tail number.
 Another American Airlines plane.

 I was waiting for Delta Flight 275 to Narita Airport by Tokyo.  This is a non-stop flight from Detroit to Tokyo and is one of the few that still flies the 747.  It was kind of cool to be right under this bad boy.
 You could feel the rumble of the engines.
 Heck, you could almost feel the rush of air.
And it's gone.

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