Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ending With the Arthur M. Anderson

The next ship was the one I did end up waiting for.
 The Arthur M. Anderson finished unloading in Detroit.  I don't remember if it was Zug Island or on the Rouge River but I'm pretty sure it was stone.  She then stopped at the Mistersky Fuel Docks and I thought that I wouldn't have a chance to catch her.  She then got in line behind the CSL Welland and made her way up the Detroit River into Lake St. Clair.
 I ended up catching her at Marine City but because of the weather, the light was waning and it was raining.  However, the Anderson is worth all that.
 The Anderson has certainly made her way through worse weather.
 A shot of her pilothouse.

 And her deck house.
 Another shot of her deckhouse.
 The Stars and Stripes flying proudly in the cold winds.
And she continues on her way to Stoneport where she will pick up another load of stone and repeat the cycle.

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