Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Evening at Metro Airport

Then I decided to head over to Metro Airport for planewatching of a different sort.
 This is an Embrear ERJ-145 which is operated by American Airlines.  This is the Brazillian answer to the Canadair Regional Jet.  I do like the looks of this one.  When this picture was taken, it was on its way to LaGuardia Airport in New York.
 This CRJ-700 was heading over to O'Hare Airport.  From there it went to Madison, Wisconsin.
 One of the DC-9 Variants.
 Jet Blue Flight 336 flying to Logan International Airport in Boston.  This is an Airbus 320.  Jet Blue is one of the low cost carriers you hear about. 
 A Boeing 737 operated by Southwest Airlines.
 I think this plane is an Airbus of some sort.  If I had to guess I would say 319.
 A 737 operated by American Airlines on its way to Dallas.
 This a Delta Airlines plane, but I can't figure out what type.
 A Delta MD-88 on it's way to Philadelphia.
 This Airbus 319 is on its way to Denver for a Rocky Mountain High.
 A Delta 757 on it's way to Hartsfield Internation in Atlanta.  You may ask how I know so much about these planes.  Well the first place to start is to look up the tail number of the plane.  This particular one is N553NW.    Typically, you can put that number in a search engine and usually FlightAware will come up.  FlightAware is like the aviation version of Marine Traffic.  It will tell you who owns the aircraft (sometimes they are still owned by the bank) and the most recent flights it took.  It's pretty cool.
 An Airbus 319 which is on its way to Charlotte, North Carolina.
 A CRJ coming in for a landing.
And I end with a Boeing 717 coming in for a landing after a flight from Kansas City.  The light was starting to wane at this point but I did like its affects on the plane.

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