Friday, May 13, 2016

Some Friday Night Planewatching

I was hoping to catch the Blough as she worked her way downbound tonight.  As it was, I had an outside chance of catching her.  It turned out that the Blough didn't pass Belle Isle until a little after 10.  I wouldn't have had enough light to catch her.
 Since the earliest I was expecting the Blough was about 8:30, I decided to stop at the airport first.  I figured plane pictures would be good.  I believe this is a 737 taking off.
 An Airbus 330 that passed right over my head.
It seemed like there were more planes landing than taking off, so I decided to head over to the other spot.   I caught this 757 coming in for a landing.
 I think these are one of the more graceful looking commercial planes out there.
 A CRJ coming in for a landing.
 A United Embrear 170.
 Another 757.
 Then there was a Southwest plane coming in.
 I decided to head back to the Cell Phone Lot in time to catch this 757 taking off.
 An Airbus 319 that belongs to United.
 Then there was this Canadair Regional Jet that belongs to United.
I then decided to catch an overall shot of the airport.  Somewhere in the mix of Delta tails, you can see one that belongs to Air France.  If you look closely, you can see at least three planes coming in for a landing.  As I was listening to the radio, it seemed like there was always something going on.

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