Monday, May 23, 2016

Burns Harbor in Burns Harbor

On Saturday I decided to head over to O'Hare to try my hand a planewatching there.  I found a couple of places where I might get some good views of the planes.  As I was heading over there, I saw that there was a ship in Burns Harbor and I found a spot where I think I could get pictures of her.
 Nearby the spot where I decided to stop, there is a dock that is owned by Great Lakes Towing and there were a pair of tugs docked there.  First up is the tugboat Arizona.  She was built in 1931 by the Great Lakes Towing Company in Cleveland.  Her steam power was replaced with 1,230 horsepower EMD diesel engine.
 The Kansas was also built in Cleveland by the Great Lakes Towing Company in 1927.  She was converted to diesel in 1958.  Her and her sister services the Burns Harbor area (including Chicago).
 Another angle of her.
 And probably my favorite angle of her.  I kind of like the blue color of the water.
 The Burns Harbor was servicing the AccelorMittal Plant in Burns Harbor.  Burns Harbor itself was formed in 1966 and named after Randall Burns who promoted the harbor.
 The AccelorMitall steel mill in Burns Harbor is the second largest steel mill in their group.  It was built in 1964 and covers 950 acres of land.  It can produce approximately 5 million tons of steel per year.
 The Burns Harbor unloading steel at it's namesake.  And I think that is kind of cool.
 The best shot I could get of her pilothouse.
 Another shot of the Arizona.
 It was close enough to get a hazy shot of the Chicago skyline.
 Another view of the steel mill.  It is amazing just how much goes into the production of steel.
 An old tug.
The Federal Yukon unloading what appear to be brewing vessels.  The Federal Yukon is owned by Federal Navigation and has appeared on this blog before.