Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Dayton Air Show - Heading Out

Normally I like to linger a bit after the Air Show because there is always a good number of planes on static display. This year was no exception to that except it was hot so I didn't really feel like hanging around too long. I did get a few shots of the static displays though.

This is a Delta Airlines 757. You could go through the cabin but I've been through enough commercial cabins that I didn't really want to wait in line.

This is an EA-6 Prowler which is an electronic attack aircraft. They are currently in the process of replacing this plane with the E/A-18 Growler.

And this is the E/A-18 Growler. It is based on the Super Hornet airframe.

This is one of my favorite planes - The B-52 Stratofortress. Sadly it was right in line with the main entrance so I couldn't get a picture without people in it.

This is a pair of B-52 engines. The plane has 8 engines and has been in service for almost 60 years (in one form or another). The H is the current model and production for it stopped in 1964. I've read somewhere that it may last until 2050 which would make it an almost 100 year design.

Another pair of B-52 Engines.

The P-3 Orion subhunter.

The nose of the Orion.

One of the propellors.

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