Friday, July 2, 2010

The Holland Lighthouse

My next stop was Holland, Michigan which was so named because it was originally settled by Dutch immigrants. I've been to the town before but I was there during the tulip festival and didn't want to venture over to the lighthouse. So I stopped there to get a picture of the lighthouse.

The first lighthouse was built in Holland in 1870. In 1880, a new light was built there. In 1907, the lighthouse was built into its final structure. Because of it's color it has the nickname of "Big Red".

The light stands at a height of 32 feet. The structure is a nice shade of red, although you can't see that too well because of the angle of the camera relative to the sun.

A close up of the tower.

This is a shot looking at the tower from a pier that extends from it.

Looking out a little further.

This is looking at the lighthouse from the beach. Here you can see the nice vibrant red of the lighthouse.

Another shot from the back of the lighthouse.

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