Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Lewis J. Kuber

I was up in Bay City today and was riding along the river when I saw this ship, the Lewis J. Kuber.

This is a shot of the Kuber right after she passed the Liberty Bridge.

The Lewis J. Kuber started out life as the Sparrows Point named in honor of the shipyard that built her. She was the sister of 2 other ships (the Elton Hoyt which is now the Michipicoten and the Johnstown). She was launched on April 18, 1952. In 1958, she was lengthened to 695 feet. Then in 1980, she was converted to a self unloader and then in 1990 she was sold and renamed the Buckeye (blech).

She was to be converted to a diesel ship, but that never happened and she was converted to a barge and mated to the Olive L. Moore in 2006.

This is the Lewis J. Kuber as she approached the Vets Bridge.

This is a shot of the tug Olive L. Moore. She was launched in 1928 as the John F. Cushing. She would keep that name until 1965 when she was briefly named the James E. Scully. In 1966, she would become the Olive L. Moore. From 1979 to 1990 she was mated with a barge called the Buckeye (different Buckey than the Lewis J. Kuber).

In 2006, her pilothouse was raised to see over the crane of the Lewis J. Kuber.

It's amazing how these ships can serve as a representation of Great Lakes History as well.


Bigasshammm said...

Very nice. If you're ever in Cleveland, especially during the air show weekend, you should check out the William G. Mather. It's an old tanker ship that they've turned into a museum. During the air show weekend they sell tickets and you can sit on the deck and watch the air show. It provides a hell of a view and has indoor bathrooms and keeps you away from the crowd. Plus it's interesting!

Mikoyan said...

I need to go to Cleveland one of these years to check out the Cod (a submarine).