Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Rainy Day for Football

There was another home game for Eastern Michigan on Saturday and it was pretty crappy weather affair.  It rained for most of the game, but I think that made for some interesting pictures.
 A shot of the stadium before the game.  Sadly, not much more than this showed up for the game but I can't say that I really blame them with Eastern's record the way it is.  It would be nice to see more people at Rynearson though.
 The band takes the field.  It is always enjoyable when the band goes out.
 A shot of the flag girls.
 Number 2 belonged to Demarius Reed who was the junior wide receiver for Eastern Michigan.  He was gunned down early Friday morning near his apartment.  He was only 20 and had a promising life ahead of him. 
 And a moment of silence for Demarius.  It's pretty sad when a normally noisy area is in a moment of silence like this.
 The EMU ROTC color guard marching off the field after the Star Spangled Banner.
 A shot of the eagle.
 One of the Ohio players getting tackled.
 Bronson Hill taking the handoff from Tyler Benz.  Bronson would end up getting 258 yards during the game.
 Bronson Hill during a run.
 Another Ohio Bobcat taking the kickoff return.
 Darius Jackson during a run.
 Darius Jackson getting tackled.
 A Wall of Bobcats.  The player on the right is Tyler Tettleton, he is the son of former Detroit Tiger Mickey Tettleton.
 Darius Jackson during another run.
 With 1:18 left in the first half, Eastern Michigan gets a gift interception.  They were down by 7 points at this point but instead of trying for some downfield passes, we got three straight running plays where they went right into the pile.  I could understand if they were starting with the ball at the beginning of the second half but they weren't and I think they should have gone for it.
 It was Band Day for Eastern Michigan, so the combined bands of the local high schools spelled out "EMU" on the field.
 Another angle of that.
 It was also Swoop's birthday and I think there was supposed to be a big todo over that but something tells me that got cancelled in light of other events.
 I really liked this shot.
 And this shot.
 Even down on the field some jerk gets in your way at inopportune moments.
 Tyreese Russell celebrating a touchdown.  I think at this moment, EMU had tied the game at 21.
 Bronson Hill during another run.
 One of the Bobcats during a run.  You can see the rain really pouring here.
 It was so bad that my lens was starting to fog up, but I kind of like the effect.
 EMU also revealled new helments.  I don't know if it was intentional, but the back of the helmet reminds me of a local Native American headdress.
 Bronson Hill getting tackled.
 One of the Ohio coaches calling plays.  This kind of reminded me of the same system that Army had last year.  The main difference being that Army had generals on theirs.
 The backup Ohio quarterback.
 One of the Ohio players trying to break through the line.
 At this point, I had swapped out my big lens for my littler lens.  I wanted to get some wider angle shots of the field.
 And the final score.  It wasn't really for lack of trying on the part of Eastern Michigan.  The couple of turnovers didn't help though.
And of course, my favorite tradition in College Football, the postgame handshake.

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