Saturday, October 5, 2013

Missing the Train

So I was planning to take the train over to Chicago today but sometimes actual doesn't meet up with plans.  Before going to the train station, I stopped at the bank to get some money and when I do that I put my wallet on the seat.  So I waited around the station for a while and when the train arrived, I then realized that I left my wallet on the seat, so no Chicago today.

I did get a few pictures however.
 Of all the times I've done this, I don't think I've ever gotten a picture of the schedule board.  Not terribly exciting though.  I do kind of like the reflections and stuff though.
 A picture of the Amtrak Map.
 It's probably a good thing I didn't end up going because I think it was supposed to be rainy in Chicago too.  It also looks like they are working on the track, so I'm not sure how that would have impacted things.
 The people waiting for the train.
 And it was at this moment that I realized I forgot my wallet.  I was about to get on the train anyway but then I couldn't have really done anything in Chicago.
At least the picture of the train leaving the station was nice.  I kind of like the way the lighting hits the puddles.

I am going to try this next weekend.

And as a side note, Amtrak is pretty awesome.  Based on the text for my tickets, I thought that I forfeit the money I paid for my ticket since I didn't get on the train.  Well, a little later in the morning, I got an e-mail from Amtrak stating there was a problem with my reservation and to call them.  So I did and it turns out they could refund 90% of my ticket, which was cool.  I wasn't going to bother because it isn't their fault I missed the train but what the heck.

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