Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wandering Around Chicago - Part II

So we continue on our tour of the Chicago River.
 Again, I'm not sure what some of these buildings are, but they are pretty neat.
 Looking down the Chicago River towards the Trump Hotel.
 The Wrigley Building is one of the iconic buildings of Chicago.  It was the first office building built along the Chicago River.  Up until this point, they were mostly low rise warehouses and what not.  Construction was completed in 1924.
 This building was built in the 50's and was considered as a city within the City.  The structure hints at a tree trunk.  It is a mixed use building.  At the very bottom is a marina.  The first few levels are taken up by parking and the rest is residential.
 I forget what this building was.
 This is now the Boeing Headquarters and was constructed in 1990.  Because the side nearest us is over the railroad right of way, it is suspended through trusses and a cantilever.  Because of this, it won an award for innovation.  Before it was the Boeing Headquarters, it housed the Morton Salt Headquarters.
 I'm not sure what the building on the right is, but the building on the left is the Sears Tower.
 Looking back at the Sears Tower.
 Another view of the Sears Tower.
 Looking up at the Sears Tower.
 Looking down the Chicago River.
 This was probably one of my favorite shots of the day.
 With a subway train and boat, this almost makes my trifecta.
 Another building I'm not sure about.
 Still not sure about this one.
 Another view of the Chicago River.
 This is kind of a unique Chicago view.
 Another section of the downtown Chicago area.
 Looking up at another building.
 And another.
 This is the NBC building in Chicago.  It is sort of an Art Deco style.
 Another tour boat called the Innisfree.

I really enjoyed the River Tour and I would consider taking it again.  There was alot to absorb about the different buildings.
 Looking towards the Hancock Building.
 Another view of the Tribune Tower.
Another view of the Wrigley Building.

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cmadler said...

The big one you couldn't remember is the Merch Mart. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merchandise_Mart