Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stopping at the Shrine of the Little Flower

Since I was up in Troy yesterday, I was hoping that there would be some river traffic around the time I was heading home.  There was not, so I decided to stop at the Shrine of the Little Flower on the way home.  It has actually been a while since I've been there and I was hoping that there would be some hints of fall foliage.
 The Shrine of the Little Flower is at the corner of 12 Mile and Woodward.  It is a very cool looking structure and if you have a chance to see it, do so.  There are also some pretty nice grounds as evidenced by the Mary statue above.
 I kind of liked the way the sun was shining on her face, so I had to try another angle.  I think I like this one a little more.
 I figured that since my new lens has a wider angle than my older lens, I could get a shot of the grounds around Mary.  I kind of like the way the lines are leading towards her.
 There's a reason why it's called the Shrine of the Little Flower.  That might have something to do with the flower garden that is nearby.
 I really like this statue.  I think it may be Joseph.
 I really like reflection pictures.
 Looking up at the tower.  It is a very imposing tower.  Because the church was having issues with the Ku Klux Klan, they decided to build a cross the Klan couldn't burn.
 Some of the details of the tower.  I think the woman behind the soldier represents Mary.
This is a representation of St. Therese de Liseux.  She was known as the Little Flower and who the shrine is dedicated to.
 A sculpture depicting the various angels.
 Looking up at the crucifix part of the cross.
 I really like this angle.  It is a pretty good depiction of the height of the cross.  It is the third largest building in Royal Oak.
 Depictions of other religious figures.
 During the 30's, this used to be used as the broadcast site for Father Coughlin who was a rather controversial figure.
 I couldn't pass up on a boat picture.
 An overall view of the shrine and church.
 A more straight out shot of the tower.
 The doors are pretty ornate.
 I kind of liked the way the sun was hitting the cross on top of the church.
 Another door.
 Details on the door.
 I kind of like this building too.  It reminds me of an European house.
 I was hoping to have this shot through some fall foliage.  I'm almost there.
 Another flower.
 One more shot of the Mary statue.

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