Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Back to Michigan on the Wolverine

So it was back to Union Station to hop on the Wolverine to get back home.  I didn't wander around the station too much this time.  I grabbed a bite to eat and then headed back to the train.
 One of Amtrak's bomb sniffer units.  I like this much better than the units they have at the airport.  They certainly have more personality and I think they are probably more effective.  Evidently, they can pick up traces of explosive vapors in the air.  This particular dog was investigating an abandoned bag just before this picture.  Even though security for Amtrak isn't as obvious as that at the airport, I feel much safer on a train.
 If you think airports are seas of humanity, take a peek at Union Station some time.
 Heading out of Union Station.  The sun was starting to set, giving me the best lighting for the whole day.  Sadly, I couldn't get this shot without getting part of the window in it.
 Looking out past the railyard for Amtrak.
 One of Amtrak's engines.  Behind it is the engine in annversary paint.
 One more view of the Chicago River.  Sadly, I was losing my light too rapidly after this, so this was my last picture from the train.
That did not stop me from taking one more picture of the Wolverine though.  So far, I've enjoyed all my trips on Amtrak and I think that the airlines could learn some pointers about customer service from them.  For all the bitching that certain politicians do about subsidies of Amtrak, I'm told they pale in comparison to what the airlines get either directly or indirectly.  Also, ridership is up because I read today that Amtrak was celebrating 31 million riders for the year (or something).  I hope that continues because I would love to see Amtrak become a viable alternative to flying.

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