Thursday, October 24, 2013

Big Paul R. Tregurtha Visits the Soo

After the lighthouse, I wandered over to Sault Sainte Marie because that is where I would be staying for the night.  I'd been watching AIS all day and I knew that I had a pretty good chance to catch the Paul R. Tregurtha there but I wasn't sure if it would be while she was in the Locks or elsewhere.
 As it turns out, I was able to catch her just as she was entering the Locks.  It's still amazing to see a ship that big and something else that can deal with a ship that big.
 As I was watching the Tregurtha enter the locks, I noticed a rainbow out in the distance.  I was hoping that it would still be there while the Tregurtha was in the locks.
 It faded too quickly for that.
 A shot of the Tregurtha's pilothouse.
 And her bow.
 Since I couldn't fit her in one shot, I decided to try my hand at a panoramic shot.  I think this is one of the better ones that I've done.
 After taking a picture of the Tregurtha in the Locks, I wanted a shot of her out and about.  As I was waiting for her, I caught a shot of the Ojibway as she was going out to greet her.  The Ojibway is a supply boat that hangs around the Locks.  I think she is kind of like the Wescott but bigger.
 And then the Tregurtha peeked around the bend.
 I really liked the look of the sky though.
 A shot of her with the Ojibway.  For some reason, the Ojibway reminds me of a remora.
 A shot of her pilothouse and a closer shot of the Ojibway.One more
 One more shot of her with the Ojibway.
 And then the Ojibway peeled away, leaving me with just a shot of the Tregurtha.
 Then I headed down to Mission Point to catch a picture of her there.   That is probably one of my favorite spots period.
 Because the ships seem so close.
 I almost got some nice reflections.
 A shot looking down her bow.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
 Slowly she moves away.
 A shot of the St Mary's River.
A shot of her and one of my next subjects.

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