Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On the Way from Tahquamenon Falls to Sault Sainte Marie

So I drove from Tahquamenon Falls to Sault Sainte Marie.
 This is a bog that is just outside of the Upper Tahquamenon Falls State Park.  I've actually been meaning to take a picture of it for a while.  Sunday presented a good opportunity to do so.
 I kind of liked the way the colors looked.
 I just wish there would have been more water.
 M-123 is the State Highway that passes by the Falls.  It's western end is around Newberry, Michigan.  It heads north to pass by both of the Falls State Parks and then it heads east into Paradise.  From Paradise it turns south to Trout Lake and from Trout Lake it heads south east to meet up with I-75.  It is actually a pretty nice stretch of road.
 However, I stayed on it long enough to catch the Curley Lewis Memorial Highway.  It starts just south of Paradise and heads east until roughly Brimley (oatmeal capital of the world).  It is a more beautiful stretch of highway.
 And it looked really nice with the sea of colors on it.
 Sadly, some of the trees were de-leafed because of the rains from the night before.
 But the puddles made for some nice effects on the road.
One more shot of the trees.


Christopher List said...

It looks like the colors came in late this year.

Pater said...

One of my fav routes in Michigan