Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tugboats for Sale

As I was heading into Detour, I saw these tugboats.  So I figured I would catch them on the way out when there weren't moving ship pictures to take.
 I think this one is a fishing boat.  But I'm not sure.
 A shot from her side.
 This one is definately a tugboat and I think it had a for sale sign on it.
 Another angle of the fish tug.
 Two tugboats.  The middle boat is for sale.
 The black and white from the front.
 Both of them from the front.
 The Deschenes.
 I liked the mermaid in the pilothouse.
One more shot of the tug.

Sadly, it was time to head home.  The time up north was too short but it was just as well because snow was on the way.


Anonymous said...

any idea how much they want for the one in #2 foto?

Les Thornton said...

The middle boat is the tugboat Deschenes and is again for sale. Asking price is $22,000.00 Please contact Les Thornton at or call and leave a message at {989} 889-2950