Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pittsfield Township - Marsh View Meadows Park

Next I went to the Marsh View Meadows Park which is at the corner of Textile and Marton Roads.  It is also close to where I work (in fact just down the road).
 Marsh View Meadows Park opened in 2006 and it is right next to the Pittsfield Township Water facility.  It is a 54 acre park and like the other park, I've never been there before.
 It is kind of a shame too because it is a pretty nice looking park.  Not too many photo ops but there are some pretty nice paths.
 It's starting to look a little more like fall now.
 I guess this is the marsh view but something tells me that I may have to do a little more exploring of this park.  It is a pretty nice looking boardwalk.
 I really liked this view.  Especially with the hints of color in it.
 I think this may be a partially reclaimed farm.
 Looking up at the trees.
 One of the thistles.  I really like these.
 Looking at the reeds.
 I think this is the foundation of a barn that used to be here.  I'll have to look up who it belonged to though.It's kind of amazing how nature can swallow up traces of people after they're gone.
 I kind of liked the look of this tree.
This was a pretty nice looking pavillion.

I will definately have to do more exploring at this park.  Like I said the trails were pretty nice and it was pretty relaxing.

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