Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Colors at Tahquamenon Falls

Next I headed up to Tahquamenon Falls.
 There was more color there and it looked pretty nice.
A shot of one of the side trails.
 I tried to get a shot of this leaf but I'm not sure how well it stands out against the backdrop.  I still kind of like the shot though.
 A shot of the Falls themselves.
 Another angle.
 Looking down the trail.  I liked the contrast of the colored trees versus the evergreens.
 Another one of the viewing spots.
 And another.  I think I like the first one the best of the three.  Sadly, most of the trees had lost their leaves so I was just left with the evergreens.
 A sign warning about the 94 steps to the brink.
 A shot from the brink.  I think I like the other end of the park better, but you can get some nice shots from here.
 The shutter speed slowed down.
 A shot from a slightly different angle.
 Same spot, faster shutter speed.
 Looking down the river.
 Looking at the falls again.
 A slightly different angle.
 Looking down the river again.  One of these times, I'm going to have to catch the trolley that goes around the park area.
 Another set of trails.
Heading back to the car.

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Christopher List said...

Are you talking the Toonerville Trolley? Nice ride. A narrow gauge rail line takes you to the boat launch where you'll take it down the river to about a mile or so above the falls. You walk through the woods on the the other side of the river. Figure on spending about 6-7 hours doing it.