Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away, Well At Least from Ypsilanti

I had such plans for the weekend.  I was going to go to Chicago yesterday and do something else today.   I wasn't sure what I was going to to do today but it doesn't really matter since the weather was not terribly cooperativer today anyway.  So I decided to wander around Depot Town today.
 Depot Town is sort of my default place when I don't really feel doing much of anything else.  There are plenty of photo subjects.
Looking down the freight house. 
 The fall foliage seems pretty blah this year though.  It doesn't seem like we are going to have much of a fall.
 The caboose.
 Looking down the street towards City Body.  I kind of liked the old town look for this picture.
 Looking up at the mural.
 Looking down Cross Street.  I really like the look of Depot Town.
 It took me a couple of tries to get this shot because the traffic was just busy enough.  I guess there is something to be said for photographing on a rainy day because of the reflections on the streets.
 Looking at the windows for the Fantasy Attic.  This store used to be in Ann Arbor and it moved to Depot Town a couple of years ago.
 I'm not sure what this Antique Store is called but I like the display.
 As I was down there, I heard the train whistles so I ran over to get a picture of the train as it was passing.
 The train as it passes by the depot.  I kind of wish that they would do whatever to make this a viable depot.
 This was at the restaurant where I had lunch.  I think I'm going to do this one in black and white.
And the name of the restaurant where I had lunch at.  They have really good burgers.
 The Thompson Building.  This was one of the places where soldiers mustered for the Civil War.
 The Ypsilanti Automotive Museum.  At one time this was the last Hudson Dealership in the country.  They were actually a dealship long after Hudson went out of business.  They were selling used Hudson parts and cars.
 I just love the color on these particular buildings.
 Looking down Cross Street from the other way.
 The Hudson Parts and Service sign.  I'm half tempted to do this one in black and white.
Looking at the side of Sidetrack.  I kind of like the slogan, "Beer is proof that God Loves Us and wants us to be happy" by Ben Franklin.
 Looking at the windows of the building.  I kind of like the reflections.
 Looking at the other side of the building.
Unfortunately the building was closed today other I would have taken other pictures.  I do like this one and I think this might be another candidate for black and white.
 Looking down one of the other streets.
 I kind of liked the fall foliage in this one.
 A more straight on shot of the buildings.
 The pool sign from Aubrees.
 One of the other buildings.
 Looking at that string of buildings from the other direction.
 Looking down Cross Street from the little island they have there.
Looking up at the clock. 
 Trying to get buildings in with the clock.
 Another picture of that antique shop.
 Another sort of nice fall scene.
 Another shot of the Depot.
 And the Freight House.
 Looking down the freight house again.
 One more shot of Depot Town before heading off.  I really liked the look of the trees in this shot.
 I really like the look of grain elevators.  Especially if they have murals on them.
 Looking down the mighty Huron River.
 Looking at the train bridge.  I might have to wander down this way some day.  The grafitti looks pretty cool.
 Another shot of the grain elevator.
 Before heading back to my apartment, I stopped at the Peninsular Park to get some pictures of the power house.
 And another shot of the mighty Huron.
 I kind of like the idyllic waterfall look of this shot.
 Another angle of the power plant.
 One of two pictures to sum of the day.
So basically it was a nice rainy fall day.  But it made for cool pictures.

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