Thursday, October 24, 2013

Random Sights Around Sault Sainte Marie

Just some random pictures from Sault Sainte Marie.
 The Soo Locks Adminstration building was constructed in 1896 and has been modified over the years.  The Lockmaster is up there and apparently has a pretty good view of the Locks.
 The Cloverland Hydroelectric Plant was completed in 1903 and can generate 36,000 kilowatts.  The bearings in the motors are the originals. 
 Across the river, there is a seaplane base.
 These structures are known as spirit houses.  They were built by the original tribe in the area to house their dead.  The tribe was known as the Anishinaabek and this area was spiritual to them.  In a joint effort between the city, the Army Corps of Engineers and the Chippewas, this area was fenced off again.
 I'm not sure what this is a memorial to.
 At one time, there was Fort Brady.  It was constructed in 1822 to 1823.    It was used as a fur trading post among other things.
 A view of the obelisk through the fence.
 This is another building used by the Corps of Engineers.  I think it was constructed during World War II.
 The castle is the symbol of the Corps.
 At one time, this section of Sault Ste Marie was known as Plank Alley.  A fire destroyed this in 1886.
 This was a track used to haul cargo from Lake Superior to Lake Huron.  As the Locks were built in 1855, this was no longer needed.
Looking up Ashmun Street.

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