Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Taking in the Colors Up North

After the game on Saturday, I decided to head up north to try to catch some of the colors before they were gone.  I saw that they were at peak in the northern Lower Peninsula and eastern Upper Peninsula.  Decided to stay in Mackinaw City on Saturday night and Sault Sainte Marie on Sunday night.  It rained all the way up to Mackinaw City but the next day was pretty nice.
 A shot of the Mackinac Bridge in the morning.  It's actually kind of nice to get these because I'm not usually up there that early.
 A more pulled out shot, you can see some of the nice cloud formations.
And then the Algorail decided to make an appearance.  It's shame that she is so rusty because she's an otherwise nice looking boat.  But I do have to admit, her colors compliment the colors on the shoreline.
 The Algorail passes under the Bridge.
 And it's time for our favorite game of spot the boat.
 A shot of the Old Mackinac Lighthouse.
 Another shot of the Bridge.
 I think this is becoming my favorite angle, especially with my newer lens.  It makes it look like the Mackinac Bridge stretches out forever.
 Another angle on the Bridge.
 A shot of the Algorail as she heads out into Lake Michigan.  I kind of like this shot with the beams of light coming down.
 And the angle from near the visitors center for the Fort.
 A shot of the lighthouse tower.
 A shot of the Bridge through the birches.  I kind of like the set of colors.
 A shot with the birches in focus and the bridge out.
 Same shot with more depth of field.  Which do you like better?
 Another shot of the lighthouse.  This is up there in terms of my favorite lighthouses.
 A shot of the tower and the castle looking thing.
 And just the cupola.
 I wanted to try to get the roof in as well.
 One more shot of the Bridge before moving on.
 As I was heading to breakfast,  I caught a glimpse of this vehicle.  I wonder if they are taking pictures of certain landmarks for their GPS.  That certainly looks like a camera on top.
Another angle of that vehicle.

Then it was off to the Falls.

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