Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Brief Break from Boats

There is a nice little flower garden near the place in St. Clair where I watch the ships.  When I get a little downtime, it is nice to take pictures there.  Once again, I don't really know what the flowers are, so I'll just go through the pictures.
 They have a nice variety of flowers there and I think they try to picks ones that bloom at different times of the year.  The ones I saw earlier are now gone and have been replaced by these.
 I kind of like this purple one.
 The lighting was just about right.
 I really like this one.
 I think this one is a daffodil.
 A daisy.
 As I was taking pictures of the daisies, I saw this bee flying around between them.  I guess I got lucky with this shot.
 The bee landed and doing its thing.
 Another daffodil.
 I think this is a marigold but don't quote me on that.
 Another one of the purple flowers.
 And then I saw this bee and tried to get pictures of it.
As it landed.

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