Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The John D. Leitch Passes Drummond Island and the Soo

Shortly after the passing of the Callaway, I caught a glimpse of the John D. Leitch as she started to enter the channel.  Actually, I caught her on the way over to DeTour and saw that she wasn't too far away, so I decided to stick around to catch her.  That's when I got the surprise of the Callaway.
 She's a pretty ungainly looking ship but I think that gives her character.  So many ships are lacking in character that is nice to see one that has it.
 The Callaway starts to leave the channel as the Leitch enters it.
 She makes her way past Drummond Island.
 It seems like the ships don't have a care in the world.
 The straight out shot.
 I caught up with her a little later as I was in the Soo.  This picture was taken from the deck of the Valley Camp (more about that later).
 It was getting pretty close to sunset, so I got the golden light on her.
For a moment, it looks like she had a sharks mouth.

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