Sunday, July 19, 2015

Another Stop at the State Capital

Again, since it was on the way, I decided to make a quick stop at the Capitol Building.  Although, I didn't realize they were in the process of working on the dome.
 I kind of like the scaffolding though, it gives kind of a fuzzy look to the dome.  Work on the dome began last month and should be complete sometime in September.  They are apparently doing some major work on it, repainting and stuff.    They are also going to redo some of the stone work that was missed in a major renovation a few years ago.  Even though I think the Government should have other priorities (i.e., the roads), it is important that a structure where they conduct the people's business should live up to its stature.
 Although I wonder what a person like Governor Blair here would think about the people currently occupying the building.  Here we have a man that did so much for so many and his image has to stand in front of people that are doing so little.
 Oh well, I guess that doesn't diminish him any.
 A different view.
 Looking up at the sculpture in the middle of the building.
 This is probably my favorite angle of the building.  I will have to make a trip back when the work is complete and see how they do.
 There are several statues on the Capitol grounds.  This particular one is dedicated to the Spanish American War.
 This statue is dedicated to the 1st Michigan Sharpshooters.
 Another angle of the Spanish-American War statue.
 This is another view of the capitol.  I just wish that there were a place where I could get a full view.
 Another angle.
 That particular spot is right next to the Lansing Police Station.
 Another view of the Austin Blair statue.
 This particular statue is dedicated to the wars of the 20th Century.
 The eagle at the top.
 The State Seal.
 Someone left a wreath in front of this particular memorial.
And one more shot of the Capitol Building before moving on.

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