Saturday, July 25, 2015

And the Mississagi

As it turned out, I would only catch three of the four ships I hoped to see.
 The Mississagi was about an hour behind the Jackson and the Algosoo was an hour and a half behind the Mississagi.  I didn't want to be out too late tonight.  Plus, it started to rain between the Jackson and the Mississagi.
 Fortunately, the rain let up for the Mississagi though.  The clouds were still there.
 And that made for a nice backdrop I think.
 It's nice to see a ship with a relatively nice paint job, given that many of the ships I've seen recently are looking like tramp steamers.  Although the Mississagi does show a little wear and tear but she's a work boat.
 She heads down the river.
But I don't think headed that far, as Sarnia was her destination.

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