Thursday, July 23, 2015

The American Courage Entering the Cuyahoga River

As I was waiting for the Nickel Plate, I saw that Manistee was heading for Cleveland and the American Courage was docked there.   It looked like the Manistee would be arriving at about the same time I was, so that was encouraging.  When I arrived, there was a saltie leaving and the Manistee was starting to turn around to enter the breakwater.  She was taking her time doing so.
 As I looked towards the American Courage, I saw why the Manistee was taking her time.  The Courage was starting to back out from her dock.  I was planning to get pictures of her after the Manistee but this was just as well.
 The sun was setting and that made for a nice variety of colors.
 It's always impressive to see a ship here because they are so up close and personal.
 The Manistee waiting patiently in the background for the American Courage to enter.
 The sun was hitting her just right.
 And she was moving a little faster.
 But not too fast.
 The bow as it starts to pass the Cleveland skyline.
 After a quick snap, I was able to get a bifecta because an airplane flew over.
 Her plimsoll lines.
 Looking up at the pilot house.
 She passes by.
 Some other people enjoying the park.
And she turns towards the River.

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