Monday, July 27, 2015

An Old MG Automobile

As I stopped in Muskegon, I decided to stop at a restaurant in order to get some lunch.  The place was called the Lakeside Cafe and it was pretty good.  As I was parking the car, I couldn't help but notice this old car.
 It turns out that this is an old MG which is a British Car Company that was founded in 1924 by William Morris.  It would remain his business until it was sold in 1935 to his holding company.  In 1954, it merged with Austin in the British Motor Company.  And in 1968, it became part of the merger that became British Leyland.  In 2008, it was bought by a Chinese company and they are making MG's again in China and Britain.
 I believe this particular car is from the 1950's.  Based on pictures, I'm guessing 1954 but I'm not sure.  It was a pretty nice looking car at any rate.
From a slightly different angle.

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