Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Waking Up to the Roger Blough

If you have been following this blog for any length of time, you will know that the Roger Blough is my favorite ship.  I knew that she was making her way up to Two Harbors but I wasn't sure what time she would be passing the Soo.  So I looked at AIS before going to bed and saw that she would be passing around 6:30 in the morning (or so).  I ended up setting my alarm for earlier so that I didn't miss her.
 I was actually hoping to catch her as she passed Four Mile Beach, but it turns out they didn't open that until later in the morning.  So I waited for her at Mission Point.
 I actually like the view from Mission Point for ships that are heading upbound.  You can start looking at them from a pretty good distance.  It takes them a little longer to get in photographing range.
 Once they get into range though, it makes for a pretty good picture because you can get the three quarters shot.
 Although, I think I would have been better going over to Sugar Island because I would have been shooting with the sun rather than into it (sort of).
 However, the pictures aren't too bad from here.
 The water was almost calm enough for a reflection.
 When I woke up, I thought there would be a layer of mist on the water, but that wasn't really the case.
 She slowly passed.
 I kind of like this shot.
 And a shot of her stern.
 I decided to go grab a bite to eat before going back out to Sherman Park to catch her there.  I figured I would have plenty of time.
 I will have to say that Sherman Park is a pretty nice place to catch a ship in the morning.
 You are shooting with the sun here.
 And she continues on.
 Next, I headed up to Bay Mills to catch her from the Hill.  I think I would have been happier with this shot if it didn't seem so washed out.
 Still it's not that bad of a view.
 Pulled out a little more.
Then I headed to Point Iroquois to catch her from the tower.

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