Thursday, July 16, 2015

An Evening in Deshler

I decided to head down to Deshler after work.  It's been a while since I've been there.
 The lighting was just about perfect for me.  Really brought out the train station.
 It wasn't too long for my first train to appear.
 It was a westbound container train.
 It looked pretty nice in the light.
 After a while, an eastbound train appeared.  Sadly, I was shooting right into the sun.
 But I kind of like the picture.
 And it shaded the sun out a little bit.  Sadly, the exposure time was a little long, so there might be some blur.
I saw this train heading down, but I think it had to wait for some other trains because it was going to be a westbound train.  It was getting dark, so I decided to grab a picture of it as I was leaving.  I kind of wish it were in a spot where I could get other pictures.  Oh well.

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Kevin Hammer said...

Just FYI, Fostoria Rail Fest is Sept 26.