Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Couple of Stops at Point Iroquois

This set of pictures represent two stops at Point Iroquois.  One when I was chasing the Blough and the other when I headed home and decided to stop at Tahquamenon via this route.
 Point Iroquois is a pretty nice lighthouse and is situated on the Lake Superior shoreline.  Generally, there are a few visitors here, so it's not particularly busy or annoying.
 Given the odd weather we've been having so far, it seems like this is late spring rather than mid-summer.  I will take it though.
 It looks like the lilacs just left though, still makes for a nice picture.
 Just trying a different angle.
 From the back.
 And a different angle from the back.
 Just trying a different type of shot.
 Along the shores of Gitchegumme.
 The shot shifted over a little bit.
 Trying to get that curve in my shot.
 I think this used to be a lifeboat rail.
One more shot of her.

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