Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Herbert C. Jackson Makes Two

The St. Clair was followed fairly closely by the Herbert C. Jackson.   She was probably about 15 minutes or so behind.
 Even though I have several pictures of her, Herbie is one that will bring me out of my shell most of the time.  She's a lovely looking vessel.
 One of these years, I'll try to catch her as she is going up the Rouge River.
 But getting a head shot of her is fine for me.
 I think she is one of the nicer looking vessels on the lakes though.  Given that a scrubber has been added to her, I think she has a few years left in her.
 She passes by the Blue Water Bridge.
 And gives me an almost beam shot.  I like how her pilothouse looks a little slicked back.
She continues on her way down to the Rouge River.  She will be delivering taconite from Marquette to the steel plant there.  This is a run she makes fairly often.

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