Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Manitoba Makes an Appearance

Earlier this year, I heard that the Manitoba may be next on the list of classic lakers to be converted to scrap metal.  It has been difficult to catch her and when I saw that I had a chance of catching her at the Soo, I was happy.
 After the CSL Niagara, I decided to grab some dinner since that gave me a window to do so.  I was actually hoping to the Manitoba at the Locks themselves, but I didn't have that chance, but I did catch her at the power plant.
 Then I headed back to Mission Point to catch her.  It's a shame that ships like her are finding their way to the scrap yard but I guess that's the nature of things as more efficient vessels come on line.
 She is definitely showing signs of wear and tear.
 But she still looks nice.
And she sails off into the sunset.  Hopefully this wont be the last time I catch her.

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